Vantawng Khawhthla (Vantawng Waterfall)

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  • Vantawng Waterfall
    Vantawng khawhthla
  • Vantawng waterfall
    Vantawng Khawhthla

Located at a distance of about 137kms from Aizawl, Vantawng khawhthla or Vantawng Fall is the highest and most spectacular of all the waterfalls and cascades in the fast flowing rivers of Mizoram. It is located in Vanva river near Thenzawl and is named after Vantawnga who was said to be an excellent swimmer. So good a swimmer was Vantawnga that he could hover in the cascading water like a fish, but unfortunately during one of such performances, a drifting log fell from above and killed him.

The height of the fall is recorded as 750 ft and though it is difficult to get close to it because of the sheer forested hillsides surrounding it, a comfortable viewing tower has been constructed.

September to January are the best months to visit Vantawng Falls due to greater clarity. The waterfall is visible running at its full might through the verdant Mizo Hills. The greenery surrounding the waterfall is also accentuated and thick during these months of the year. The winters months will be cold due to high altitude and some protection is required from the cold especially during night time. Hence be generous while you pack woollens.

How to Reach :

By Air

The nearest airport is Lengpui Airport in Aizawl district located a distance of 32.1km from Aizawl City.

By Train

The nearest railway station is Silchar Railway Station located at a distance of 171km from Aizawl.

By Road

Vantawng waterfall is about 100kms from Aizawl and can be reached within 3h through a hired Tata Sumo