73rd India Independence Day Celebrated at Aizawl with Honorable Chief Minister Pu. Zoramthanga

Publish Date : 16/08/2019

Independence day

The 73rd India Independence Day has been celebrated in the whole country including Mizoram. The main celebration in Mizoram has been occurred at A.R. Ground, Aizawl. The Chief Minister of Mizoram Pu. Zoramthanga has hoist the National Flag of India and Parade Contingent has given salute.
The Chief Minister of Mizoram has addressed the people of Mizoram gathered for the celebration. In his speech to the youth and new generations he added that to give and show respect to the Heros (freedom fighter) who fought and suffered for the Independence. Because of the freedom fighters we the new generations can live a free and peaceful life, so not to forget all those passed history for the Independence. Today independence speech the Chief Minister show respect and salute to the Mizo freedom fighter Pu. Darthawma, Lunglei who was at the Indian National Army at the time of India Independence, who just passed away few months back. Mizoram will never forget his contribution for the freedom of India.